The Great Outdoors

After spending a few days feeling rundown and uninspired, I was glad to wake up Saturday morning with a spring back in my step. 

Despite not being back to 100%, I went outside to do some landscaping. The backyard needed some new rocks for the planters, so with the sky clear and the sun blazing, I decided it was as good a day as any to get some much needed fresh air.

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In Over My Head.

This weight loss journey often has me wondering, “What am I even doing?”

You try to move more and sit less.

You eat more of the “right” foods whilst pretending that you don’t want the “wrong” ones.

Then you wait for the results.

And you wait.

And you wait.

And… you wait some more. 😴 ⏰

Boo!! LOL.

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I’m Back, But Not Really

Today I spent two hours writing this really “inspirational” post to mark my return from this weekend’s brief break.

Right as I finished the final sentence (just a few minutes ago), I accidentally deleted the entire thing. Despite being obsessed over saving frequently as I write, nothing was saved.

I’m seriously over here like Nancy Kerrigan, “WHYYY?!?” 🙄

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