Mastering Bun-free Burgers.

For many, burgers are the quintessential summer food. Versatile, easy, quick, and cheap, burgers are usually a crowd favorite at any backyard barbecue. No matter what kind of taste you crave, there is surely a burger out there that has your name written all over it.

However, if you are like me and you prefer to keep your diet as low carb as possible, the traditional bun-hugged burger may not suit your needs. Since giving up bread and many of its wheat-filled cousins, I have had to reimagine many of my favorite dishes. This includes the good old fashioned hamburger. 🍔🍟

Although I’ve never been the biggest fan of beef burgers (unless, of course, you’re offering me In-N-Out 😏), I love, love, love a homemade turkey burger. Now, I know there are probably some burger purists out there who shun the idea of anything other than beef being crafted into a burger, but trust me… my turkey burgers are life. And now that I’ve started coming up with bun-free and guilt-free ways of enjoying them, they’re even more awesome.

When it comes to enjoying a bread-less burger there are many ways to do it. One of the more popular methods involves wrapping a burger patty and your desired toppings in lettuce leaves.

Unfortunately, I happen to be wrapping impaired (just ask the recipients of my Christmas gifts…yeesh 😟). If you can understand where I’m coming from and you’d prefer that your burger ends up in your mouth and not rolling across the floor, my favorite way to whip up a protein-style burger will make your life a whole lot easier: Just make it a salad! 🥗

I love turning my favorite burger recipes into salads because it’s super easy, way healthier, and unbelievably filling. You can still use whatever kind of toppings and patties you want (Especially vegetarian/vegan patties!), so the options are endless. It’s a really handy trick to use when your friends and family are grilling over the summer too, so you don’t have to compromise your diet one single bit.

For today’s dinner, I enjoyed this fine specimen. As you can see, it was extremely straightforward. We’ve got two well-seasoned ground turkey patties sitting on top of a plentiful bed of baby lettuce and spinach. I didn’t do much for toppings today because I waited until super late to eat my first meal and I was too hungry to be bothered, but I did toss some gorgonzola crumbles on there to give it that cheeseburger flair.

To add some moisture and extra flavor, I used a tablespoon of leftover honey mustard dressing that I made for yesterday’s salad. I also ended up adding some drizzles of yellow mustard and ketchup because that is what I would normally put on a burger. Instead of fries or chips, I had a small bowl of nectarine and plum slices. It was very satisfying.

A meal like this is super convenient, making it ideal for anyone who likes to meal prep. You can easily make up a specific number of patties ahead of time to keep in the fridge. When you’re ready, you can just warm it up and pop it onto your prepped salad. This is exactly what I plan to do with my leftover burger patties tomorrow!

There are countless burger salads that I plan to try in the future such as:

Hawaiian Burger Salad: Burger patty, fresh mixed greens, grilled pineapple rings, red onion, black sesame seeds, teriyaki dressing.

Southwestern Burger Salad: Seasoned black bean and grilled corn patty, mixed greens, cilantro, pepper jack sprinkles, grilled peppers, grilled onions, chipotle ranch dressing

Italian Burger Salad: Italian herb encrusted burger patty, spinach, fresh basil, marinated mozzarella balls, chopped tomato, pesto dressing

These are just some ideas that come to mind at the moment, but there are so many different burger recipes that would easily translate into a healthful and flavorful salad. You won’t even miss the bread, I promise!

It can be really fun to experiment with new types of patties, greens, and sauces to see what you can come up with, so maybe some of you will try your hand at it! If you do, I’d love to hear about and see what you discovered! 🙂

Today was Day 93.

☀️ 👙Hello, summer. 🌊🌴

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