Going Plant-Based: Am I Surviving So Far?

Before we jump into today’s topic of discussion, can I just point out the absurdity of it being 10:00 at night, yet 90 degrees Fahrenheit?! This is totally unacceptable. 🥵


Today, I thought I would drop in and provide a little update on how my recent diet changes have been going.

The decision to revamp my diet has already been one of the best choices of my entire life. I could not be happier about… any of it, really. It’s only been a few days (not even a week), but I’m telling you guys, the shift has already been life changing. I’m so excited about everything that I can hardly contain myself.


First and foremost, let’s talk about willpower.

So far, I have had ZERO problems adhering to the diet. There are no cravings, I haven’t cheated, and there hasn’t been a single moment when I have thought, “Whoops, this was a bad idea!” The fact that this transition has been so easy and gone so smoothly actually scares me.

When I first announced that I was going to be cutting all of these random things out of my diet, I sincerely thought that I would have some degree of difficulty sticking to the “rules”. By nature, I don’t like or appreciate any kind of restrictions in life. Like a lot of people, it would make me very happy to be able to do whatever I want, how I want, when I want, with whomsoever I want– all the time.

Apparently, this isn’t how real life works (BOO!), so I tend to make up for it in areas of my life that I do have full control over (ie. caving into cravings).

This being said, my ability to suddenly go cold turkey, giving up things that I’ve always struggled to do without, is crazy. Though I can’t understand where this ironclad willpower has come from, I am not giving it back! 😏


Another aspect of the diet that left me feeling somewhat troubled at first, was the assumption that I would feel quite limited.

For anyone who doesn’t particularly like vegetables and fruit, my diet would be extremely unappealing because outside of these two food groups, there’s not that much variety. Luckily, I’ve always liked fruits and vegetables. The main problem is that I haven’t eaten nearly enough of them.

So far, I haven’t felt limited by my diet at all. Even though I’ve chosen to eat the same kinds of meals and snacks over and over, I’m totally enjoying it. For as few core ingredients as I started out with, I’ve managed to step outside of my typical green salad. It has been so much fun looking into new vegetables and fruits, learning how to use them, and thinking about what I can do with them to keep things fresh and exciting.

One thing that I have recognized is the need to shop at a variety of different stores in order to acquire the range of food I will need to stay engaged in this transition.

For instance, there are a bunch of different fruits and vegetables that I am desperate to get my hands on, I just don’t know which stores actually sell them. The store that I normally frequent has one of the saddest little produce sections ever (lol), so I’m definitely going to have to find a replacement that offers a more diverse selection.

Mental Clarity + Mood

The biggest change that I’ve noticed since switching up my diet has been the major improvement in my mental clarity and overall mood.

Before changing to a plant-based diet, I had a lot of trouble concentrating. I often felt sluggish, unmotivated, fatigued, just… blah. Procrastination was a routine problem, and stress was continuously threatening to get the better of me. However, I saw almost immediate improvement once I took the step to clean up my diet.

Within 24 hours, I was on fire. Ever since, I’ve been super happy, ultra focused, and fully alert. Things that I’ve put off for weeks, months, or even years are finally starting to get done, so it’s been quite the turnaround already.

It’s like having been born blind and suddenly gaining sight– no lie. For me, the change has been that profound and drastic. I can’t even believe things have improved this quickly. It’s truly baffling to see how negative an influence certain foods have had on my quality of life. I feel like a completely different person already, so I cannot wait to see how things continue to change in the upcoming weeks.


There are quite a few other new developments regarding my new diet, but since I plan to discuss those in future posts, I’ll leave it here for now. But yeah, so far so good. As far as the diet goes, everything is going really well. I’m fully optimistic about this being a sustainable change, so we’ll see how it goes.

The one recent drawback that I’ve noticed in my overall progress is a lack of physical energy.

I don’t believe that this has anything to do with my change in diet, but I have been trying to be mindful of how often I eat each day. I know it’s important to now eat more frequently since my portions are so much smaller and each meal is lower in calories, so I’ve been watching that quite closely. After all, I need as much energy as possible.

Honestly, I think I’m a bit tired and rundown due to having missed some workouts, desperately needing more sleep, and being punished by the sun.

I have not managed to workout over the last three days. Over the weekend, I made the mistake of messing up my sleep schedule by staying up until 8 in the morning while I worked on the outline for my book. Even though I’m extremely happy that the hard part is over, the lack of sleep threw me off really badly. I’ve been dragging ever since, but beforehand, I felt amazing.

In addition to feeling like a zombie, it’s been hot as Hades’ backside here. I don’t know what it is about extreme heat, but I just can’t. Even sitting and doing nothing can feel like too much exertion when the temperature rises to the 90s and beyond. Over the last three days, I kept thinking that I’d save my workouts until nighttime, as though the sun going down would give me some respite from the wicked heat. Nope!

With summer just around the corner, I am already feeling the negative effects of the increase in temperature. I’ve felt so drained the last few days. By the time the sun sets, it’s still uncomfortably warm. By 10 pm, it might go down to the mid-80s– might. Even so, I’m usually completely wiped out and beyond ready to go to bed by that point. 😴

I had such a difficult time getting used to the heat last year (it was my first summer here), so I am sincerely hoping that this summer is much easier to deal with. I don’t want anything getting in the way of my workouts, so if the heat doesn’t start playing nice, I’m going to have a serious bone to pick with it.

But for now, I’ve got to go try to psyche myself up to do some kind of exercise. The way I’m feeling, it would be a miracle to push myself to do ten minutes, let alone the usual hour. I don’t know though. I might just have to call it a night and try again in the morning.

Can yawning count as cardio? ☺️

Today was Day 72.

Summertime Sadness ☀️

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