Doin’ It For: The Chance To Become A Rower.

I bought a rowing machine about two and a half years ago.

At first, I was so excited about it. Boy, did I have some high and mighty plans for that thing! I can still remember how I basically stalked UPS every single day until its box arrived at my doorstep, and how quick I was to drag it into my room to put it together.

This was not long after the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. My (then) boyfriend and I had spent those few weeks watching various events together (but not without lightheartedly bickering over whose home country would win more medals– For the record, mine won). ☺️

Some of the events we watched were long-time favorites of mine like track, gymnastics, swimming, and diving. However, my boyfriend watched several sports that I had never spent time looking into before. First, there was rugby sevens, which I ended up loving. But then there was rowing, which left a favorable impression on me that has lasted until today.

But let’s get back to talking about that clothes rack– Ahem! I mean, my rowing machine. 😏

In a nutshell, I ended up buying a rowing machine all because I watched a handful of Olympic sculling events and suddenly decided that, I too, wanted to learn how to row. I’d actually taken to Google during one of the commercial breaks in order to find out “how to become an Olympic rower”.

Of course, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to truly become an Olympic rower, but I still wondered how people even reached that stage.

Long story short, my curious Googling is how I ended up learning about rowing clubs. Well, this all sounded quite fascinating to someone like me, who knew next to nothing about rowing at the time. The more I looked into the sport, the more interested I became.

After all, I had grown up playing many sports and had truly loved it. Even though I could no longer play some of the ones I had always enjoyed, rowing was different.

First of all, I could sit. There were no balls to hit me in the face and no feasible means of wrecking my ankles– again. Sure, I was a bit overweight, but at the time, I worked out nearly everyday. It seemed within the realm of possibility that rowing could be my kind of sport. All I had to do was get a rower and try it out, so that’s exactly what I did.

Over the next few months following the purchase of my first rower, I spent 3-4 days a week trying to improve my speed and endurance on it.

Despite having watched countless rowing videos, I didn’t know what kind of times I should be hitting as a novice. Trying to look it up online only resulted in me getting sucked into a wormhole of rowing jargon that I couldn’t make much sense of, so I simply continued to do the best I could.

After awhile, other distractions came up in my life, and my interest in rowing took a backseat. Even if I had gotten in better shape, I no longer had time to devote to a club, so my rower gathered dust for weeks…

…and then months…

…and then a year.

Today, I decided that it was time to resume my pursuit of becoming an amateur rower.

Today’s Workout: 20 minutes. Cardio (Rowing Machine). // 40 minutes. Cardio (Treadmill: 5% incline). 1.57 miles. 257 calories burned. // 10 reps, 5 sets. American Deadlifts (20lbs – dumbbells).

Okay, so it has been several weeks since I last rowed, but my gosh, I didn’t do very well. I mean, while I was on there, I was thinking that I was doing really good. My playlist was super lit, I had all this energy, and my heart rate was climbing. I was fully convinced that I was making serious progress like:

Yeeeah… That was until I finished my workout and started trying to look up reasonable times for a mile. People were saying that as beginners, they were knocking out a mile every 8-9 minutes. 😒 Please tell me why it took me 20 minutes to go 1.5 miles. It seems as though I had actually spent the whole 20 minutes looking like:

Oh well. At least I thought I did good. 🙄

On the positive side of things, today’s rowing session is one of the best ones I’ve had since I first got the thing. And even though I didn’t go nearly as long as I used to, I was far more comfortable with it.

Using the rowing machine used to feel a bit awkward (Maybe because I’m short?), but I definitely feel that it was better today. My form probably needs some more work (much like my time), but hey, I’ve got to start somewhere.

Now that I’m in full swing of this whole weight loss thing, I believe that this is a great time to start using the rowing machine more. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get better much sooner than I think. If so, I might look into finally joining a rowing club for lessons. Never mind the fact that I’m not the best swimmer (I was never officially taught– dog paddle, anyone? 🐶), or the fact that I fear drowning even in a rainstorm.

All jokes aside (Who said I’m joking?!), I really should take formal lessons once I lose a bit more weight and am able to prove to myself that I can use my rower more than once a century. If I can commit to improving my performance here in the house, then I will feel better spending the money to join a whole entire club.

Not only would joining a rowing club give me an opportunity to workout somewhere other than my home gym (boring!) and allow me to receive proper instruction from rowers who actually know what they’re doing (Kinda, sorta important, no?), but I would also meet new people who share an interest in the sport. Lord knows how hard it can be to make friends as an adult, so joining a club might be a good way to meet new people.

Today’s Food: No breakfast. But for lunch, I pretty much had the same thing as yesterday, minus as much lettuce and minus one turkey patty. I had the same slaw salad (because its awesome), but I also had some baked beans because… I honestly don’t know. It didn’t go at all, but I had a taste for beans, so there you have it. I also had a cup of my hot cocoa (80 cals) because I couldn’t be fussed to make any coffee. I might make some tonight though because I have a lot of writing to get done.

My afternoon snack/dinner consisted of a sliced apple with drizzled raw honey, 10-12 Thai chili cashews (yum), and a few small cubes of cheddar cheese. I wish I had taken a picture of the plate; it was so simple, but it looked really good– and it was! Beforehand, I was offered Taco Bell, to which I said “no”. The idea sounded good (Who doesn’t like nachos?), but I know it’s junk and not allowed so… I was happy to decline. 🙂

For “dessert”, I had 1/2 a cup of my newly beloved vanilla yogurt with the same cinnamon flaxseed granola sprinkled on top. I’m low-key obsessed with this, so I don’t even miss whatever I’d normally have as a treat.

And that ends the week! I won’t be back until Monday, but I hope all of you have a spectacular weekend doing whatever it is you love to do. Stay safe and be happy! See you on Monday. 💖

Today was Day 68.

Row, row, row your boat 🚣‍♀️

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