I Can See The Light: A Month Two Review + A Thank You!

Now that I have embarked on the third month of my weight loss journey, it is time to take a look at the last 30 days. 

For anyone who is trying to lose weight or meet a particular fitness goal, I highly recommend keeping notes about your physical progress, as well as your mental/emotional ups and downs as you go along.

Although pictures of bodily changes may speak louder than words, nothing can replace the benefits of being able to go back and trace your various changes over time. After all, improving your health and transforming your body is just as much a mental feat as a physical one. 

When it comes to keeping an inventory of big attitude shifts and measurable milestones, I greatly look forward to reaching the end of each month. I love setting aside time to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses because it helps make continual improvement possible. Of course, noticeable change is a huge reward and motivation factor for me. And as we all know, motivation is key to sustainable weight loss.

Truth be told, Month 2 came with a considerable amount of challenges. There are many reasons for this, but I believe the most profound one had to do with motivation. 

Opposed to Month 1, which was marked by excitement, energy, and enthusiasm, Month 2 required me to dig much deeper. Gone were the days of consistently looking forward to planning my meals and knocking out my workouts. Despite having gotten over the initial thirty-day hump (you know, when routine actions are supposed to become habits), I struggled to feel comfortable with everything. 

Without my early eagerness to propel me forward, my diet and activity changes failed to feel like a solid fixture in my day to day life. It felt as though there was my “real” life (aka anything non-weight loss related) and then there were these set of behaviors I merely carried out during specified times of the day (mealtimes or an hour working out). It’s so hard to explain what I mean…

I suppose I had expected Month 2 to produce a feeling of cohesion and wholeness, but it never did. 

Instead of my weight loss efforts seamlessly blending into the canvas of my life to create a complete lifestyle, there remained a line of demarcation. Instead of living my life as normal and simply doing the right things to lose weight, each day started to feel really deliberate– uncomfortably so.

In a nutshell, my diet and workout routines didn’t feel natural. Even though I was constantly keeping up with everything, eating right and working out consistently didn’t feel like a normal part of my life still. It felt temporary and overly orchestrated. The entire month felt disjointed, awkward, laborious, and forced.

I didn’t want it to feel this way, but still, I struggled, failing to find a reasonable solution.

Fragmentation aside, I pulled through this month like a boss. No matter how unnatural things felt, or how frustrated I became with certain aspects of my journey, I didn’t let it trip me up. With negative self-talk at a record minimum, I always made sure that the job got done. This is why I have to give myself some serious credit for Month 2.

It’s one thing to do all the right things when you’re just starting out at something and you have all the high hopes in the world, but can you still do it when you don’t want to? I know how many times I didn’t want to eat healthy, but I did. I remember all those nights when I wanted to go to bed, but I ended up spending an hour or more getting my workout in.

Despite my feelings, I continually showed up and laid it all out on the table. I’m extremely grateful for this because these were moments in which I could have quit. 

And in the past, I might have. 

Now it is time to reveal the top five revelations and developments from Month 2:

1.) Ab Day Should Go Away— Permanently.

If there is one thing Month 2 taught me, it’s that I hate working on my abs. In fact, I don’t believe I have done more than one dedicated ab workout over the last two months. I mean, sure, I have worked on them in a round about way by doing my other workouts, but did I actually make it a point to get down on the floor to do crunches writhe around helplessly? Heck no!

I’ve avoided ab workouts for countless reasons, the main one being that I don’t think they are very fun. No matter what routine I try, I either find it boring or way too hard. There isn’t much that can be done about it being boring though. After all, it’s working out, not fun time. Likewise, I can’t help it if I find a workout to be too hard… unless I spend time getting my body used to it. 

As much as I loathe ab workouts, they are what I desperately need at this point. Every other area of my body has visibly improved to the point where it is becoming quite obvious that I’ve neglected spending time working on my stomach. Of course, when it comes to fat loss, we can’t specifically workout to lose weight in targeted areas. We can, however, tone specific areas, so this is exactly what I need to do for my abs. In fact, I started today.

It was awful.

2.) Nighttime Snacking Is Now A No-No.

One of the biggest issues I had before starting on this journey was eating late at night. Since I am a shameless night owl, my entire day’s schedule tends to differ from most folks.

Unfortunately, being awake more hours each day can lead to people getting hungry at inappropriate times (think 2 am). And since I usually struggle to fall and stay asleep while hungry, I would regularly fall victim to late night snacking— one of the bad habits that can cause weight gain.

Even though I had a lot of trouble correcting this behavior at the beginning, Month 2 was nearly midnight snack free. With the exception of an emergency bowl of Raisin Bran after two super late workouts that left me really hungry, I have successfully avoided the urge to creep into the kitchen after hours. This has been a major victory for me, so I’ve been really happy to let this particular habit go.

3.) Outta Gas

A very surprising aspect of Month 2 was my seemingly continual need for sleep. I believe I discussed chronic sleepiness in my Month 1 review post as well, but I’m afraid that Month 2 was even worse! I have no idea what has been going on, but Month 2 left me running short on energy most days of the week. And I’m still not perking up any!

I always expected to become more energetic from working out regularly, not more tired! However, it’s totally true; despite exercising more, I have been utterly exhausted lately.

Although I don’t always have a chance to take a nap, there were several days last month that warranted one. And even after waking up, I would always be in a hurry to get back into bed at the end of the day, as though I’d never slept a day in my life.

One good thing about being exhausted by the end of the day is that I’m not staying up as late, as often. It seems as though I am starting to retire to the bedroom earlier and earlier. This is not to say that I am jumping out of bed earlier though. Instead, I am having a harder time waking up as early as I once did. Here’s to hoping that Month 3 lends me a bit more energy. 

4.) Some Changes Do Happen Overnight (Kinda).

Okay, so maybe very little truly changes overnight. However, I can’t help it if it has felt as though some of the changes I’ve seen over the last few weeks were achieved within the blink of an eye.

So far, I’ve seen a noticeable shift in my body shape, which is great. Am I miraculously willing to take another stab at stepping on the scale? NOPE.

As curious as I am to know the exact numbers regarding my current progress, I’m still not ready to pull out the measuring tape or dig the scale out of the landfill. It’s really important to me that I tune into my body well enough to be able to tell when I’ve lost a few pounds, so while actual measurements are coming sooner than later, they aren’t happening just yet.

Temptation aside, I have enjoyed being surprised by the other benefits of weight loss.

For instance, I love waking up, getting out of bed, and noticing that I feel as though I’m walking on air; I feel that light these days. It is greatly amusing to sprint up and down my staircase several times (I’m always forgetting to bring something down with me) without feeling winded. I was shocked that I was able to spread all of that rock in the backyard without being the least bit tired– and in record time, too!

Even today, I noticed that I was suddenly able to achieve perfect form for a particular movement in a workout routine I’ve been doing off and on over the last 60+ days.

In prior sessions, I have wondered if I’d ever be able to get the movement just right, so when I finally did it and it came effortlessly, I totally freaked out. This being said, flexibility and strength improved leaps and bounds during Month 2, so I couldn’t be happier.

It’s still hard keeping up with Chi (he’s constantly bouncing off the walls… quite literally), but all the running I have to do to keep him from constant peril totally counts as cardio. 😸😰

5.) Let It Go… Let It Go! 

*Proceeds to sing all of the wrong words in my best Disney princess voice*

Now that this song is probably annoyingly stuck in your head, I present the fifth major realization that was made in Month 2 of my weight loss journey: my need to let some stuff go like:

As challenging as it can be to add new activities and habits to your life, it can seem almost impossible to take things out. This is especially true when it comes to pursuing one’s fitness goals; it was for me, at least. 

At first, I tried to really ease my way into this adventure by removing as few creature comforts from my routine and diet as possible. Even as I made significant positive adjustments to my lifestyle, I clung to certain foods and behaviors, promising to set things straight “eventually”.

Yet, by the time Month 2 was well underway, I realized that I still hadn’t managed to free myself of many things that no longer had business being apart of my life (we’ll be talking about those specific things throughout the next two weeks). 

Letting go can be really, really hard. However, in the last week of my second month, I decided that failing to live the life I want is much harder.

As your goals get more specific and your determination to reach them intensifies, it is inevitable that your priorities will have to be evaluated. I had to take a long hard look at what was truly important to me— instant gratification or the rest of my existence. 

When it became clear that some serious sacrifices would have to be made in order to achieve the specific physique I desire, I figured that it was finally time to let go of everything that would hold me back. I know it won’t be easy, but if nothing else, my willpower will be sharpened. Besides, I can do it. I know I can. 

🍾 🥳 🎉

As always, thank you so very much to all of the people who liked and shared my posts, sent comments, and subscribed to this blog during Month 2. Some of you have been really awesome, presenting me with interesting things to think about, so thanks a million times over. 🙂

We’ve been growing steadily over the last few weeks; I am super happy to see so many new faces. If you’re new here, hi! 👋 I am really glad that you have decided to join in and follow this experience.


That’s it for now, you guys! Month 2 was a weird one, but I think I dealt with things the best way I knew how.

I have confidence that Month 3 will be much more challenging, but hopefully, it will be a bit more satisfying as well. Perhaps I will finally find that “click” I’ve been waiting for. Maybe things will start to feel perfectly normal and automatic at that point. 

Many changes have been made over the last few days, with the biggest ones having been put into place today. I will be sharing what adjustments I have been making in the posts to come, so stay tuned for that!

Yesterday’s Workout: 1 hour. Shoulders, arms, chest, back: Body weight only– no equipment.

Today’s Workout: 35 minutes. Abs and waist: Body weight only–no equipment. // 30 minutes. Cardio: Treadmill (4% incline). 1.09 miles. 172 calories burned.

Today Was Day 65.

The weak start. The strong keep going. 💪

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