Tightrope Walker: Trying To Balance Weight Loss And Everyday Life Is A Major Fail

Hi, guys! Before we jump into the new week, I just want to wish all of my fellow Americans a very happy Memorial Day! I know it’s pretty late now and the day is nearly over (or perhaps completely over, if you’re reading this after the fact), but I still hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 🇺🇸

I know I went MIA on Friday (sorry!), but there’s A LOT going on in my life right now that usually isn’t. I’m trying my best to juggle everything and acclimate to the change in pace, but it hasn’t been going very well. 😂

Even though I’m not the type of girl that likes to plan life out (at all), I desperately need to create and stick to a schedule, like, pronto. In fact, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today: balance and my lack thereof.

So, let’s just start off by saying that I haven’t worked out since whatever day I last documented… What day was it?!? I want to say Thursday, but it very well could have been Wednesday. My memory is amazing when it comes to remembering most things, but when I need to recall everyday stuff such as what I did or ate, forget it. 🤔

I really wish my mind hadn’t been so all over the place this weekend, or else I would have managed my time better. Of course, when certain things had to be cut out in the interest of time, my workout sessions were the first to go. I know, I know… working out should have been the main priority, but it wasn’t. Trust me though, I know how important it is to be consistent.

The cause of all the chaos really boils down to a whole lot of impending change and a host of new life commitments.

At times, I think I have this sick addiction to overcommitting myself, even though I know full well how I get when a bunch of new stuff gets dumped on me all at once. Although it can be really exciting to have a lot of change going on in my life (Gotta keep things fresh!), I must admit that I’m sometimes slow to get with the program.

Before I know it, stress starts creeping up on me. The more I scramble to keep the train on the tracks, the more it jumps off the rails. I start forgetting due dates, appointments, etc.

Then, because I am quite possible the most undisciplined, poorly regulated, and hopelessly unorganized person alive, anything that I probably didn’t want to do in the first place gets tossed aside like a used hamburger wrapper (think diet… and exercise).


To make a long story short, I accidentally started WAY too many new projects this weekend. I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off like:

What have I done? I know exactly what I’ve done. Once again, I’ve allowed random life commitments to completely distract me from what I need to do to lose weight. Do you have any idea how many times this has happened to me? I’ll just be trucking along, totally working out on a regular basis and eating perfectly… until something in my life gets shaken up all of a sudden:

A move.

A new job.

A new boyfriend.

A vacation.

For some lame reason, I struggle to maintain consistency in my weight loss routine when my normal day to day groove gets disrupted. The worst part is that I know I shouldn’t allow everyday life to throw me off course. After all, it’s life.

By nature, life is unpredictable and full of surprises. At least, it should be. If you are constantly growing and pursuing new goals, your life will undoubtedly change in some fashion, so it is extremely unrealistic to think you are going to set a rigid schedule for yourself and never deviate from it.

Mentally, I understand this concept, but in practice? Yikes!

With my weight loss journey now past the two month mark, I had finally settled into what felt like a winning regimen. I was consistent and completely happy with it the way it was. It was manageable, enjoyable, and most importantly, it seemed to be working.

These last few days, however, have been a righteous mess. I’ve had a horrible time fitting my new commitments into the mix, so I know my routine rodeo is over. Something has got to give. In fact, a whole lot of “somethings” have to give.

This week’s posts will focus on how I plan to achieve better balance in my quickly changing life amidst my efforts to lose weight. Although I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon the last few days, tomorrow is the start of a serious overhaul. In addition to needing to greatly simplify my diet, I think it’s time to tighten up the rules a bit.

Over the last two months, I have been going relatively easy on myself. I didn’t cut all that many things from my diet, and I wasn’t particularly strict about certain aspects of my lifestyle.

All in all, I allowed myself the freedom to be sort of hippie dippie about my routine by “simply going with the flow”. For instance, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted (within reason and in moderation). I also didn’t make it a point to adhere to a specific workout plan. Whatever workout I felt like doing is what I’d do. Forget what I actually needed to work on!

Trust me, it was a blast. However, I think I may have allowed myself a bit too much freedom.

This fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants mindset was perfectly fine last week, but this week? Absolutely not. There is NO way that I am going to be able to successfully tackle everything I have planned and keep on schedule with my weight loss if I don’t crack the whip and get myself together ASAP.

My 2-month progress post will more than likely go up tomorrow, so we can talk about what major developments took place over the past 30 days. Afterwards, I’m going to fill you guys in on all of the ways that Month 3 will differ from those before it. It’s going to be hard, but it has to happen because despite all of the mayhem, I am more motivated now than EVER before.

Today was Day 64.

Starting tomorrow, play time is over. 🛑

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