Under The Weather…

Hi, guys! Just dropping in to apologize for yesterday (and quite possibly tomorrow). I was unable to post due to feeling a bit out of sorts. A sudden change in the weather has really messed me up; it’s not uncommon for me to get sick during season transitions. 

Although I was able to find the energy to jump on the treadmill yesterday, that’s about all I had the energy for. Last night, I ended up having to retire to bed before dark, and I’m about to do the same tonight as well.

Yesterday’s Workout: 1 hour, 10 minutes. Cardio (Treadmill: 5% incline). 2.3 miles. 403 calories burned.

Yesterday and today are the first days that I have felt this low energy in a loooooong time, but I’m hoping that it will blow over soon.

It was quite warm today (92 degrees Fahrenheit), which was more than enough to zap the little energy I had left. I keep hoping that I can pep myself up just enough to get an hour of exercise in for the day (Heck, I’d be grateful for ten minutes!), but it’s not looking good so far. You never know though, so here’s to hoping.

I’m really sorry that today’s post is so blah, but this is seriously the best I can do today. As much as I’d like to go ahead and share a post on the topic I originally had planned to talk about, I prefer to put out content that actually makes sense (lol). At the moment, I can hardly rub two coherent words together thanks to having taken some medicine that currently has me feeling like:

Oh well. Better luck tomorrow. 🤒

I hope all of you are doing well though! Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow, but if not, regular posts will resume on Monday.  See you as soon as I can! 👋

Today Was Day 53.

It’s not even 7 PM, but goodnight anyway. 💤 😴 

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