There Were Calories Aplenty… And Cheesecake.

Hi, guys! A most happy Monday to you all. I hope you had a great weekend. 

If you’re a mom, happy belated Mother’s Day! And if not, I hope the special women in your life who are mothers had a beautiful Mother’s Day as well.

As for my mom, she says she had a lovely weekend. I too had an enjoyable weekend, but since I didn’t post, there’s plenty to get you caught up on.

My family and I celebrated Mother’s Day on Saturday in order to avoid the crowds on the actual day. The Cheesecake Factory was my mom’s restaurant of choice, so The Cheesecake Factory is what we had. 

Normally, I would feel gravely concerned about eating at a restaurant, as many offerings out and about are full of hidden fat, salt, sugar, and calories. Of course, like anyone who is trying to lose weight, I have been trying my best to be mindful of all of these things.

However, I wasn’t too worried over what I would eat this time around because one of my favorite dishes from The Cheesecake Factory is fairly light, as well as delicious!

I must admit, Saturday was a day of indulgence, but for once, it wasn’t a source of extreme guilt. 

Upon starting this journey I made it very clear to myself and those around me that this was not going to be a mere diet. For me, most diets are not sustainable, realistic, or even enjoyable. Convinced that it is possible to lose weight by eating sensibly and making allowances for certain treats to be eaten in moderation, I have tried to eat in a way that could easily be maintained six months, nine months, and even several years from now. 

The adjustments I have made to my diet have been yielding satisfactory results so far, so when it came time to celebrate Mother’s Day with my family, I had more confidence that I could make choices that were reasonable. It seemed likely that I could enjoy dinner and a piece of cheesecake without completely jumping off the tracks, if I stuck to the tactics I use while eating at home. So, I tried it.

For dinner, I had the Thai Lettuce Wraps and two of the Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes. For dessert, I had a slice of the White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake.

First and foremost, the Thai Lettuce Wraps are amazing. Easily my favorite pick from the entire menu, these lettuce wraps provide so much flavor. I absolutely love being able to pack the little lettuce cups full of sprouts and carrots. Those picked onions and cucumbers are sooo good too!

Thai Lettuce Wraps – The Cheesecake Factory

Even though it comes with chicken, I almost could have skipped it and only eaten the vegetables. The sauces are out of this world (the peanut sauce is my favorite even though I really shouldn’t have eaten it), but I tried to go light on them since that’s undoubtedly where a good chunk of the 850 calories comes from. 

The Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes were a new pick for me, and I am so glad I tried them. Despite sharing one with my mom, they were surprisingly satisfying. Although they came with avocado chunks and two different types of sauce, I asked for all of the toppings on the side and stuck to the cilantro and salsa because this entire dish comes in at a whopping 1,340 calories!

Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes – The Cheesecake Factory

Was it worth it? Yes lol. All the same, I am very glad to have shared this. I am equally glad that I had sense enough to leave the sauces alone. I’d love to try to make a healthier at-home dupe for this though, so maybe that will be a recipe to share in the near future. 

As though the calories in the tamale cakes weren’t grim enough, my cheesecake selection made me cringe in regret (I should have selected the plain original recipe instead). My cheesecake pick was delicious, macadamia encrusted regret, but regret nonetheless. Coming in at 1,560 calories, the White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake (What a mouthful!) was basically a symphony of caramel-coated condemnation.

Go ahead. Soak in the gloriousness. It looked every bit as beautiful in person as it does in the picture from their website…unfortunately for me. 😂

White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake – The Cheesecake Factory

If not for it being Mother’s Day, a type of “holiday” and official cheat day, there is no way that I would have permitted myself to eat this. However, since it was, I happily enjoyed half of it on Saturday before finishing it off yesterday (Sunday). 

Though the cheesecake was quite good (I love macadamia nuts), I could scarcely enjoy myself. I mean, not really. In the past, I might not have cared as much, but now I realize that cheesecake genuinely isn’t worth the effort it takes to burn it off. Besides, I would have been much happier with a sliced peach—if that had been an option.

Diet-wise, there isn’t much to report from Sunday. I had a few slices of turkey bacon at breakfast with the first cup of coffee I’ve brewed in almost two months now; this is a record for me, I’m sure. For Mother’s Day breakfast, my mom made cinnamon rolls drenched in surely delectable icing, but do you know what I said when I was offered one? 

“No, thank you.” 

“What about eggs?” 

“Still, no thank you.” 


“Nope. I’m good.”

“Are you sure? You’re just having turkey bacon? That’s not very much.” 

“I’m fine, thanks.”

And I was fine. Heck, I was more than fine. I was excellent.

It has gotten easier and easier to reject the things I used to have so much trouble refusing. Now binge-free for well over two months, I have been able to confirm some sneaking suspicions about my past troublesome eating habits. I often ate things I didn’t even want, much less like. It seems as though the mere presence or offering of something made me feel compelled to accept it. No matter what it was, I would frequently eat things I knew made me feel downright ill upon eating them. 

Why did I do this? Well, that is a very long story that will be explored throughout my book. However, now that I no longer doing such things, I am better able to see what was going on. It is finally possible for me to turn away from foods I don’t need or don’t want without experiencing crippling anxiety over the decision. I know this may sound quite peculiar to some of you, but for people who have struggled with binge eating disorder, I’m sure this is a relatable feeling. 

Later in the day, I ended up having some leftover turkey and veggie meatballs with a bit of macaroni pasta.

Pasta is something I’ve long since stopped having on a regular basis, but it was nearly an emergency when I made it late last week; it was literally the only food I could make a meal out of! Serves me right for not heading to the grocery store before everything ran out, but my emergency meal was really good, so I’m hardly complaining.

And since I’m still on my one meal a day kick, my calorie intake has remained on point– even in the face of pasta. Portion control is everything. The biggest plus? I am smaller after eating the pasta for three days than I was before. So weird, but true.

Indeed, there has definitely been more improvement in my appearance (despite the high calorie antics over the weekend), so that’s a HUGE plus in my book. Cutting out some of the suspected inflammatory foods has allowed me to “deflate”, revealing the early (albeit humble) results of my labor.

Everything has tightened up quite a bit and my clothes are fitting differently, so whatever I’ve been doing has been working. The key is to just keep on keeping on.


As for working out, I was successful in meeting my goal for the week. I exercised four days last week, so I’m happy about that. My goal for the upcoming week is exactly the same, so we shall see if I can be consistent. If I manage it, I’ll add an extra day until I reach 6 days a week on a regular basis.

Saturday’s Workout: 1 hour. Cardio (Treadmill: 2% incline). 2.26 miles. 296 calories burned.

Sunday’s Workout: 1 hour. Cardio (Treadmill: 4% incline). 2 miles. 315 calories burned.

It is still so hard getting used to low incline on the treadmill; I dislike it so much! I mean, sure, it’s way easier on my pathetic little ankles, but just look at the measly calories it allegedly burns. I was extremely tempted to crank it back up to 10%, but I resisted the urge.

Part of me has been flirting with the idea of getting an Apple Watch to help track the calories burned, just to see what it would say in comparison to the treadmill. However, I looked up one of the more expensive models and nearly gagged at the price. There are certainly more affordable models than the one I initially liked though, so I may have to consider that.

Perhaps it can be a milestone gift for myself when I reach a certain number of days in my journey. Maybe “Day 100” in another fifty days? It sure beats rewarding myself with something edible! ☺️

Speaking of the number of days, that reminds me of the shocking information I discovered over the weekend relating to my weight loss journey. It really shouldn’t have shocked me as much as it did, but I was seriously disturbed the rest of the day. I mean, it was worse than when I re-realized that fat cells never go away.

Although I have already started to make peace with my most recent discovery, I’d be lying if I said the reality of the situation isn’t a bit hard to wrap my head around. Let’s save this particular conversation for sometime this week (maybe tomorrow)! But for now… see ya! 👋

Today Was Day 50. (YAY!)

Persistence pays. 🤑

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