Doin’ It For: The French Riviera

For some, the road to weight loss can be a long and bumpy one.

*Raises hand*

Committing to your long-term goals, whatever they may be, can require a significant amount of focus, determination, and resilience. When the going gets tough and you start to question how you’ve found yourself where you are, it’s extremely important to keep in mind all of the reasons you wish to pursue the goal you’re chasing.

For me, it is a daily necessity to use my intended future life as a source of motivation and inspiration. Opposed to focusing on my present situation and weight (which isn’t going to drastically change anytime soon), I try my very best to regularly use my imagination as a weight loss tool.

Each and every day, I call to mind all of the things I plan to do and all of the things that will change for the better once I reach my goal weight. This practice has helped me immeasurably, so from time to time, I would like to share the dreams that help keep me on track.

One of the major things I want to treat myself to once I reach my goal weight is a trip to the French Riviera. 🇫🇷 🌊 🛥

France, as a whole, is a country I have always wanted to explore because A.) I love croissants (No one can do them better than the French), B.) I love fashion (France is a fashion lover’s paradise), and C.) there is an astounding amount of culture and art that I can’t wait to absorb.

Although many people dream of perusing the streets of Paris, the French Riviera has always dominated my own travel bucket list. Despite having flirted with the idea of visiting southern France for many, many years, I’ve never gone.

Of course, nothing has ever physically prevented me from going. After all, I have a passport and have been out of the country before. The only thing that has “prevented” me from acting on my desire to see France is my weight. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Long ago, I made up my mind to never travel to France while fat (this actually applies to several European nations). I know that this may seem utterly ridiculous to some, but I honestly wouldn’t feel comfortable being overweight in France.

For one, I am very aware of the stereotypical French opinion that Americans are all fat, lazy, and ugly. 😑

While I realize that this is surely not a sentiment that all French citizens agree with, it would constantly be at the back of my mind if I were to visit. I’ve heard many negative experiences that have appropriately scared me out of visiting before reaching a certain weight.

Secondly, I would like to reach my goal weight before visiting France so I may be able to freely shop for clothing while there.

When it comes to clothes, I am very, very picky. It is extremely hard to find the sort of clothing I would like to wear here in the States, and even though it is more than possible to order French fashion online, I can’t currently fit in any of it anyway! 😂

It would be such a dream come true to be able to shop the various French boutiques and not have to worry about sizing.

But hindrances aside, I do have faith that I will one day reach my goal weight and be able to finally toss aside the fear of vacationing in France.

The French Riviera is one of the most alluring and visually enticing places I can think of. Sure, I am downright obsessed with the sea and anything by the sea, but the environment is so picturesque and beautiful as well– I’m almost afraid that I wouldn’t want to come home! It seems like the ideal vacation destination for me.

Coincidentally, one of my favorite Youtubers lives in the region (she is also my #1 fitness inspiration). In many of her vlogs she can be seen driving around, so I’ve had a chance to see a different view of the area than Google can necessarily show. I think I fell in love with the Riviera even more just by watching her videos! 😍

Photo Credit: julie aagaard/Pexels

Is it normal to be inspired by a place you’ve never physically been? Surely it is.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t adequately describe how I feel when I see the buildings, the ships, the curving roads, the vegetation, and the water; there’s just this otherworldly magical feeling that comes over me. Even though I’ve never been there, the French Riviera feels very familiar and emits a carefree vibe that totally resonates with me.

Just looking up pictures of St. Tropez, watching videos of Monaco, or browsing rental villas in Nice instantly makes me feel amazing. It never fails either. I could look at a single photograph and instantaneously feel the way I imagine I’ll feel the day I can step on a scale and see the number I’m working towards. Though it is such a simple act, it manifests a hybrid emotion that is happy, inspired, thrilled, and awestruck all at the same time.

Photo Credit: Stokpic/Pexels

So, when I’m scowling at my waistline in the mirror, I smile and imagine how fun it will be to pass time on the plane by listening to all of my favorite Pauline Croze albums. 🎧

When I am eating a salad instead of lasagna, I think about the beautiful seaside villa I could rent with my family. 🏡

When I’m having to turn down a piece of candy, I dream of shopping for new dresses in Cannes. 🛍

When I fear I’ve done all the squats I can and can simply squat no more, I imagine all of the beautiful photos I could take of the sea, architecture, scenery, and food. 📸

When I go to bed at night and am already dreading the following day’s workout, I remind myself of how incredible I’ll look in a bikini and hilariously huge sun hat as I stroll Pampelonne Beach. 👙

Photo Credit: JESHOOTS/Pexels

Although it will take me awhile to reach the point I’ve been dreaming of, hopes of being able to spend time traveling up the coastline pushes me along. It’s a beautiful place and an equally beautiful goal, so I look forward to the day that I can actually share pictures of my French travels with all of you instead of merely daydreaming about taking them. ❤️

Sidebar: Just as a side note, I wanted to announce that I’m finally seeing a major difference in my body shape! I actually noticed the change a few days ago, but since I was nervous that it was a fluke or something, I wanted to wait and be sure it was real before I said anything. It’s so weird because it’s been over a month and I’m only now seeing a genuine improvement. Is that normal?! Anyhow, I’m really excited and super happy that things seem to finally be working. Also, I am going to workout today; I’m just really behind schedule, so I’m going to do it as soon as this posts. My specific workout stats will be posted tomorrow, in case you’re curious. Until next time! 🙂

Today was Day 39.

Un jour peut-être. 🔮

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