Do It Anyway.

Man, does it feel good to take a shower after a workout! But come to think about it, actually finishing your workout isn’t a half bad feeling either. 

Let’s not forget those awesome, feel-good endorphins rushing through your body too. 


It’s a feeling of accomplishment that simply can’t be beat.

First things first, I’m so sorry about yesterday’s lame post! Like I said, I had worked on something that I thought might really encourage someone, but it got deleted due to human error. My human error.

🤦🏽‍♀️ So frustrating! However, I know many bloggers who have had the same experience at least once or twice. Let’s just hope I never run into that problem again!

To give you guys a very quick recap of Easter weekend, it was great! 🐰🌷

In addition to having a nice time with my family, I was able to successfully complete the research I needed to do. And although I didn’t get everything I’d planned accomplished, my time away from writing here did allow me to get better organized to tackle my plan of action when I’m actually ready. 

Of course, food was a part of my Easter festivities, but as promised, I enjoyed everything in extreme moderation. I did not grab seconds of anything and dessert was kept to a much regretted minimum. My chocolate Easter bunny is still fully intact as well, so that should be proof that I didn’t go candy crazy! 🍭🍬

Speaking of regret, I failed to work out Friday-Sunday.

Even though I hadn’t planned to workout on Easter itself, I did expect to at least log some time on Saturday. Meh. To be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered this weekend. There was too much going on in my head–namely stress. And while skipping a few workouts due to feeling a bit out of sorts is not a punishable crime, it certainly felt like it. 

Goodness gracious, was I ever stressed out this weekend! It is an absolute miracle that I didn’t cave under the pressure and overeat all of the treats that were hanging about; that is certainly what I would have done in the past (three cheers for emotional eating). Luckily, I did my best to get through (but not eat through) the rough patch, leaving the Easter baskets unscathed. 

In the past, I have often had the tendency to skip workouts due to wanting to devote all of my time to something I’m stressed about (in this case, it was grad school applications), but I know full well that this isn’t the right way to handle my stress. If anything, I should have prioritized my workouts as a means of diminishing the pressure I was crumbling under—not avoid them. 

Yesterday’s Workout: 30 minutes. Cardio. Treadmill: 10% incline. 320 calories burned.

To be honest, yesterday’s workout almost didn’t happen. I woke up in the morning feeling like utter rubbish. It took hours before I felt decent enough to really get with it, but even then, I had very little energy and was in considerable pain. It was awful! As much as I wanted to workout, I didn’t feel up to it at all. 

However, the truth is that I rarely do feel up to it. 

Though I try to avoid discussing non-weight related issues on here, I often find it difficult to avoid. If you have been following my journey thus far, you may have noticed that I regularly feel unwell and miss workouts as a result. In truth, I feel ill the majority of the time. Though my health has greatly improved over the last year or two, I still have a long way to go. 

My life sometimes feels like a game of Russian Roulette; perhaps I will feel well today, perhaps I won’t. I never know what each day will bring, so it is often quite hard to coordinate workouts and everything else I need to do around how I’m feeling.

This situation has significantly (and negatively) impacted many areas of my life, weight loss being one of them. Over time, I have had to come to terms with the fact that there are going to be many days when working out simply won’t happen. However, I never get used to the guilt I feel when one of those days actually shows up on my doorstep.

Of course, now that I’ve started this blog and have to share my weight loss efforts, I’ve become quite self-conscious and embarrassed by my inability to workout more often than I do. Although I know that I’m not simply lazy, other people who may come across this blog do not. I am always unhappy to report that I’ve not been able to workout due to this or that. I wouldn’t want people to falsely assume the worse about me or my efforts.

Besides, people on the Internet can be needlessly callous and cruel. Unfortunately, I see it all the time.

For instance, there is this one overweight girl that I know of who is quite well known on Youtube. The hate and abuse that random people have hurled at her for being overweight is baffling; I haven’t a clue how she manages. This has been a major reason for why I decided against starting a Youtube channel to document my own weight loss journey. 

Though I would actually prefer vlogging my day to day thoughts and activities, it seems as though many people trolls on the Internet have no other goal in life than to denigrate people who are simply trying to make it through another day. Anytime there is someone who is overweight or someone who doesn’t necessarily fit into society’s little box of what is beautiful, popular, or acceptable, here come the worst of the Internet’s cretins and their equally pathetic commentary. 🙄

Should you care what a handful of childish, irrelevant people say on the Internet? No. 

But do I want to be bothered giving them a space to spread ignorance and hate? No. 

I guess I just find it unfortunate that some people get bashed for trying to do the best thatthey can. I wish people took the time to actually hear people’s story, instead of jumping to asinine conclusions that they couldn’t back up as fact if their very lives depended upon it. Or perhaps I wish the carelessness and lack of empathy of others didn’t bother me as much as it does…

Even though it took me all day to work up enough energy to walk the measly thirty minutes that I did, at least I showed up. 

All day long, I kept chanting to myself, “Just do it anyway. You don’t feel well, but do it anyway. It may not be an hour, it may be only fifteen minutes, but do it anyway. Do something.” 

This would be my genuine advice to anyone who has issues being consistent with their workouts. Whether you have health issues and don’t always feel well enough to go hard in the gym, or you struggle to make time to exercise regularly, I strongly urge you to do it anyway. At least try

If it’s an hour, let it be an hour. 

If it’s thirty minutes, give it thirty minutes. 

I don’t care if it’s only five minutes. 

If all you have the time, strength, resolve, or energy for is five minutes, it’s a whole five minutes more than the person who chose to do nothing at all. 

When it comes to working out, eating healthy, and just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, doing something will always trump doing nothing—no matter how small a change or investment of time and energy it is.

Anyone can do nothing; that’s the easy part. However, there are a whole lot of people out there who simply aren’t willing to do even the smallest something it takes to change their lives for the better. 

As long as you’re trying, it’s working. The specific amount of time you work is far less important than the amount of heart you put into reaching your goals. When it comes to longevity, what matters most is that you do what you can, when you can, as often as you can.

If you live long enough, you’re bound to have an off day or a “bad day” every now and again. However, it is very important that we acknowledge it as such: one single day. One part is never indicative of the whole, so don’t let one discouraging lap keep you from finishing the race.

This is the philosophy I have had to maintain throughout the last month because there were many days when I felt as though I couldn’t do very much. But on the days I could? Those were the days that made all the days of disappointment worth it because I came back stronger and harder than before. This wouldn’t have been possible unless I had consistently pushed through the difficult times.

Even though there were days when I could only workout for thirty or forty minutes, I am now that much closer to my ultimate weight goal than I would have been. If you add that up over time, it can make a huge difference. 

Just imagine how these workouts will accumulate a month from now, two months from now, or even a year. By the end of my journey, I will have countless hours worth of work, that at the time, seemed like a waste.

My point is, it’s never a waste. When you’re doing your best… I repeat, your best (opposed to someone else’s) it is never, ever a waste.

Today’s Workout: 1 hour, 3 minutes. Arms, shoulders, upper back, chin. Body weight only.

Despite not feeling much better today than I did yesterday, I killed today’s workout. I definitely started off slow, but by the time I got warmed up, I was totally in the zone.

It’s crazy to think of how disappointed I was yesterday. Today’s performance was like night and day in comparison. But this is proof positive that you should never give up on yourself. Our bad days are necessary because without them, our good days wouldn’t be as exciting and triumphant. 

Diet-wise, not much has changed. My two weeks of IF are over, so I’ve decided to eat normally this week as a sort of test to see if I can control my portions and food choices without the help of calorie counting or fasting.

I will definitely try a new routine next week, I’m just not sure what yet. When I decide, you guys will be the first to find out!

Today was Day 30.

Something > Nothing 🏅

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