Three Weeks In.

Today marks the official end of the third week of my weight loss journey.


Interestingly enough, this was also my first time having to face large amounts of my favorite (but less than healthy) foods during a family dinner.

Most of us know how annoying it can be when you’re trying to lose weight or meet a specific fitness goal, but something really inconvenient suddenly pops up, like a major holiday or a party.

There’s the barbecues and the potlucks with the large spreads and the endless sea of temptation. It can be hard enough to tell yourself “no”, let alone everyone around you who can’t help but offer you everything you shouldn’t have. But still we try like:

Well, my family’s dinners are pretty much the most tempting events I can think of. Not only does everything taste absolutely amazing, but the menu usually includes things that make resisting second helpings nearly impossible. This is especially true of holiday dinners. Fourth of July. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Easter.

When my mother decided to put together a dinner for Palm Sunday, I was absolutely mortified. For one, we have never thrown a dinner specifically for the occasion, which was always a good thing since Easter has always been a big enough affair on its own.

But secondly (and more importantly), I had truly thought that I was completely in the clear as far as holiday food was concerned. 

Thanks to us having previously agreed to whip up a far less fattening menu for Easter, I have been able to breathe easy about how the upcoming holiday may impact my waistline. Yet, with her wanting to cook a similar menu for Palm Sunday as the one I’d previously been dreading, I was right back in worrisome territory!

In the past, holidays have been the #1 most problematic time for me and my diet. With joyous overeating during the holidays being commonplace in many households around the country, my own tendency to follow suit usually wasn’t as guilt-stricken as it perhaps should have been.

Even though I have long since stopped using special occasions as an excuse to stuff myself silly, a fear of holiday food and the weight gain it can cause still scares me. After all, my ability to resist certain things isn’t always fool-proof.

As worried as I initially was, dinner went just fine today. 

My lack of appetite was still in full swing (along with a near-crippling case of exhaustion), so I didn’t even think about grabbing seconds of anything. I mean, unless sparkling cider counts—which it totally doesn’t.

Although I was sure to sample all of the offerings, I stuck to tablespoon-sized portions. Even still, I was barely able to finish my small plate.

And then there was the bread

As I mentioned in a prior post, I had volunteered to bake brioche for today’s dinner. Of course, I had never made brioche (or any other type of loaf of bread) before, so that was an interesting experience, indeed.

In addition to being concerned that brioche would be far above my level of baking expertise (What baking expertise?), I had initially been worried that the soft, yeasty bread would trigger a binge fest. After all, I love bread.

Lucky for us, the brioche turned out beautifully and my kitchen wasn’t burned down. I had zero problems with the dough (except for nearly breaking my arm off mixing it by hand). 🤦🏽‍♀️

And even though I sliced it as thinly as I could, that stuff was thick. Even I, the bread queen, could not imagine eating a second slice of the uber rich brioche—and I’d cut the original slices in half!

Thank goodness for the butter and honey or I may have choked!

Overall, everyone enjoyed my first venture into bread making, which made me very happy. I do wish it had been a tad more sweet (I’d even added an extra tablespoon of sugar to the original recipe), but that’s okay.

If you’re interested in trying the brioche recipe I used, I would totally recommend it. Just be sure to have a mixer! 👩🏾‍🍳


As I head into my fourth week (and count down the final minutes until my IF period starts again), I am in incredibly good spirits. Even though I’ve not felt that great over the last few days, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be in sight. 

I felt a lot better today. No pounding headache. No nausea. No chills. Minimal body aches. My energy was still annoyingly low, but a glorious four hour nap pepped me up enough to peck out this post and (hopefully) get a bit of studying done. 

After doing a bit of poking around on the Internet last night, I discovered that many people experience similar issues as me when first starting IF: the lack of energy, the migraines, the dizziness, the nausea, the chills.

It’s so weird to me that the fasting could have been causing my problems all along. However, I saw quite a few useful suggestions that I will have to keep in mind as week two of my own IF journey commences. 

Today’s Workout: 40 minutes. Biceps, triceps, delts, upper back. 3-lb and 10-lb dumbbells.

Boy, oh boy… today’s workout was rough. As much as I wanted to hit up dance class, I simply couldn’t. I woke up this morning feeling as wobbly as a newborn deer, so that would have been a downright disaster.

But then again, trying to tackle my arms was its own beast.

I didn’t follow a set lifting routine today. Instead, I just randomly ran through some of the typical exercises I would normally do. You know, bicep curls, Arnold presses, dumbbell rows, etc. 

Although I’m not too impressed by having only worked out for forty minutes, it was the very best I could do. Even the three pound weights felt like elephants today; I was feeling beyond weak. I did try to use the ten pound weights more than I did last time though, so gold star for effort. 🌟

Well, that’s pretty much it for today! I guess I’d better go grab a last minute treat before the fasting period begins. Perhaps a mini chocolate egg? 😋 🍫

Today was Day 21.

Your feet can’t go where your mind hasn’t been first. 🧠💫

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