I Didn’t Exactly Tell The Truth.

I always try my best to be as honest and transparent as possible, yet there is something that I wasn’t very honest about yesterday.

In fact, it is something I’ve been ignoring for the last few days.

At the time, I didn’t even acknowledge that I was hiding something. I said what I said because I believed it to be so. It never once occurred to me that what I was saying was only half true, but now that I am aware of my omission, it is time to talk about it.

In yesterday’s post, I said that I’ve been feeling “a little tired and spacey” during my last two days of doing the whole intermittent fasting thing, but that I otherwise felt “pretty good”. When I said this, I meant everything I said. However, there is more to the story than what was actually divulged.

By “a little tired”, I meant to say, “I’m absolutely exhausted”.

By “a little spacey”, I should have said, “My brain no longer works”.

And when I said I felt “pretty good”, I was mostly referring to my appetite.

Meanwhile, I’ve neglected to say that I’ve actually spent the last few days feeling a bit like roadkill. I mean, I haven’t felt up to working out in three days, which makes me feel even worse than I already do.

It all started with the headache that simply would not go away.

I woke up Thursday morning with a stiff neck and pounding headache to match. It is not terribly uncommon for me to have neck pain every now and again, which inevitably causes my head to start hurting. This is why I didn’t pay very much attention to either issue.

After bathing myself in roll-on Icy Hot, I went on with my day. Err… I mean, I tried to go on with the day.

Truth be told, I was never supposed to workout on Thursday, so I guess I don’t feel particularly bad about skipping that one day. I had plans to spend most of Friday doing something pretty labor intensive, so it seemed like a pretty good idea to get plenty of rest beforehand.

By the time yesterday actually rolled around, my plans got rescheduled for next week. Even though I had been looking forward to doing what I needed to do, I was low-key relieved at the same time. I’d woken up with yet another headache that morning, only this time it was worse.

Of course, I am not the biggest fan of taking medication for every little thing, so I forced myself to contend with the pain all. day. long. Splitting headache aside, I had genuinely intended to do cardio later in the afternoon; I was just waiting for the headache to ease up. Unfortunately, it never did.

Instead, most of the morning was spent feeling extremely nauseous, but I kept assuming it was because I was hungry (I sometimes get like that when I haven’t eaten in a number of hours).

However, by the time I finally ate, my appetite was fairly weak. I spent more time poking my chopsticks at the rice than actually eating it. My headache was less severe by then, which I was quite grateful for. All the same, my energy was dropping faster than a ton of bricks.

It seriously felt as though my organs were shutting down on me. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so tired in all of my life. Just having to climb the stairs so I could take a nap felt impossible; I may as well have been trying to climb Mt. Everest. I’m surprised I even made it to the bed. Those stairs were looking pretty good. 😴

Even after napping, I continued to feel quite out of sorts. Today was no better.

For the third consecutive day, I have woken up with a terrible headache and neck pain. I finally had to break down this morning and pop some Tylenol just to get my day started. Even still, I have gone through most of the day feeling unbelievably fatigued and just… weird.

Aside from prepping my brioche dough for tomorrow, I honestly haven’t achieved a single thing today. No work. No exercise. No nothing. Right after a light lunch of melon and a bacon and lettuce sandwich, I experienced yet another abrupt energy crash.

Despite having woken up slightly tired, I seriously thought I would at least make it through the day being able to get things done. How wrong I was! I ended up retreating right back to bed for a nap around noon, feeling the exact same way I did yesterday: unspeakably exhausted.

A few hours later, I woke up feeling much, much better. I used this time to work on the dough (it looks and smells amazing so far, btw).

Unfortunately, I made the biggest mistake ever trying to make the dough without a mixer and dough hook. I had to mix the dough by hand for well over 20 minutes straight! So although I may have missed today’s arm workout, my right arm is good to go 😂.

Off and on through the day (including now), I have felt slightly feverish with chills and body aches. I keep trying to ignore it and pretend that I’m fine, but it has sort of gotten to the point where I need to just face the music. I can’t keep pretending as though I’m feeling like:

When I’m actually feeling (and looking) like:

For the record, I really don’t think the fasting has anything to do with the way I’ve been feeling the last few days. After all, I ate twice today and didn’t feel any better. It is possible that I caught something though. I certainly hope I’m not coming down with anything, but since I can’t be sure, I might want to take some Vitamin C powder to see if things improve at all.

I haven’t done serious research to see if there are other people who have experienced symptoms such as mine while they are fasting, but based on one post I saw, I’m not necessarily alone. They had mentioned not eating enough calories, which is something I hadn’t considered at all.

Since I started to fast again, I have not been keeping a very good eye on my caloric intake. While I have been extremely sure to not eat too many calories, I haven’t been making sure that I eat enough. Even though I’m sure I ate enough today (I ended up eating half a burger for dinner), the past two days have been extremely light. That didn’t even cross my mind…


Another theory I’ve had is that I’ve not had enough caffeine. I believe my last coffee was on Thursday morning, which is a very long time to go without coffee, in my book. I could have a small cup just to see if my symptoms go away, but I don’t desire to have anything more than water at the moment. I’m extremely thirsty.

That’s a sure sign that there’s definitely something wrong with me. Not only did I fail to finish my burger (someone actually commented that I never eat just half of a burger), but I didn’t have the desire to eat the ice cream sundae I ordered either. It’s just sitting in the freezer where I abandoned it. Me? Not eating my dessert?? Call for an ambulance, please! 🚑 🤣

Then again, I could simply be stressed out. I’ve spent the last few days looking over the financial details for my upcoming grad school program… good Lord. That is more than enough to make me ill!

Oh. Yup, that’s it. The minute I brought it up, I could feel my blood pressure shoot up 40 points and my headache instantly returned. Wow, really?

My goodness, if that’s really how I’m going to react every time I think about school, I probably won’t be able to even make it to class–forget worrying over how to pay for it! 😆

Anyhow, I sincerely hope that I feel better ASAP. I’ve missed enough workouts and I am really starting to miss dance class. Perhaps I should take some aspirin and call it an early night. I might just need some extra sleep.

I hope all of you are having an amazing weekend! Til tomorrow! 😘

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