Could It Be True?

It’s been less than a week since I decided it was time to give intermittent fasting another try.

And in less than a week, I can already say that I am super glad I did!

This is not to say that this short period of time has been an effortless walk in the park. Oh, no no! Quite the contrary.

For the last two days, I have had to really test the strength of my historically feeble willpower. Even though my first few days of fasting were surprisingly easy to get through, these past two days have left me feeling half starved and delirious well before noon.

It’s almost as though my stomach thought it was a joke at first before realizing, “Oh my gosh. She’s seriously not going to feed me.”

Despite feeling as though yesterday’s fasting period was pretty rough, today took the cake. My stomach was growling and rumbling so loudly, other people heard it and were like, “Umm… is that your stomach?”

Nothing embarrassing about that. 😐

I mean, the growling got so loud and abrupt that it was actually starting to startle me! It is to be assumed that my stomach was not at all pleased to have to wait so long before eating.

The biggest test this week has been to survive my usual tendency to want to snack late at night.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a shameless night owl. It is highly likely that while you’re sound asleep, I’m over here wide awake, cackling and giggling over some show while I try to get the most out of these ridiculously short 24-hour days.

Of course, while I’m awake, I tend to get hungry. Intermittent fasting aside, this was the case last night.

You see, I had Subway the other day. I scored some jalapeño chips to eat alongside my sandwich (YUM 🤤), but instead of eating the whole bag, I hate half and decided to save the remainder for later on that afternoon (before the fasting period would start again).

Thinking that I was going to eat them that same day, I brought them into the bedroom to snack on while I watched something. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up wanting them, so I mindlessly left the bag on my table for a day or two.

Big mistake.

I forgot all about them until last night– 11 o’clock last night. It was like I had some kind of chip spidey senses because the very minute that hunger crept up on me, my head may as well have turned completely around like an owl to hone in on those abandoned chips 🦉. They were probably stale, but I don’t think I would have cared one way or another; I was so hungry.

However, I knew it was past 9 o’clock; it was too late to eat. The fasting period had already started, so I would have to wait until the following afternoon to have anything. Unless…

Before I knew it, I was clinging to the edge of my bed, stalking the chips like 👀:

Luckily, I was able to quickly snap myself out of my state of hunger-induced madness. Mentally screaming, “No means no!”, I went to bed without so much as touching the chip bag. This was a major victory for me because I am the queen of the midnight snack. 👸🏽

Overall, waiting until 4 pm to eat hasn’t been that bad. With the exception of feeling a little tired and spacey yesterday and today, I’ve felt pretty good.

I actually think things are going really well so far because I feel a definite change in my body already. For one, I feel lighter in general. Plus, my cheeks aren’t as chipmunky as they had been (praise the Lord!) 🐿.

Secondly, my body continually feels like its on fire these days. 🔥😯🔥

I’m not even sure how to describe the way it feels. It’s like this constant, deep, pulsating heat. While I wouldn’t say that the sensation is painful, it often seems as though I am emanating enough heat to land myself somewhere between a habanero and a Carolina Reaper on the Scoville scale. 🌶

The “burning” is not as noticeable during the day since I am busy doing things and concentrating elsewhere, but it’s extremely noticeable at night when I’m just sitting around. Even as I sit here pecking away at the keyboard, my muscles are melting.

What is that, exactly? Does anyone know? I mean, is it possible to actually feel your metabolism rising from the dead? If you can help shed some light on this matter, please feel free to share your knowledge in the comments section down below. 😄

Now that I’ve made it to the weekend, I don’t have to wait until 4 pm to have a snack if I’d like one. However, I don’t expect to eat much tomorrow– I haven’t been eating very much at mealtime lately.

That’s actually the weirdest thing about the intermittent fasting so far. I’ll be so hungry all day, and then, when I’m actually able to freely eat, I barely touch my food. It’s as though my stomach has shrunken, making it impossible for me to overeat. I’m definitely not complaining though! Shrink away!

This weekend is going to be quite interesting for me because I will be confronted by one of my favorite things: bread. 🥖🥐

I actually don’t buy or eat much bread these days (because of how much I like it), but I have really been inspired to try my hand at baking some homemade bread lately. Here I am, trying to lose weight, and all my brain can think to do is bake. Timing, brain. Timing.

I have volunteered to whip up a loaf of sweet brioche tomorrow for my family’s Palm Sunday festivities. Insert gravely worried expression here. I haven’t made so much as a hamburger bun from scratch before, why on Earth would I try to tackle brioche?

People say it’s not hard to make, but those are people who bake. These aren’t people like me, who get flour all over the house and halfway down the road just by trying to open the bag. I don’t even have a mixer anymore. Good grief, help me.

Even though I feel fairly confident that my brioche will come out great, my biggest worry actually isn’t that I’ll destroy the kitchen. I am more worried about the loaf being so delicious that I’ll want to eat myself into a carb coma. Let’s pray that I don’t do that, shall we? 😏

Hopefully, the loaf comes out great. If so, I’m sure I’ll be on here with pictures. 🍞📸

Anyway, three cheers for my success this week! Til tomorrow! 🥂🍾💃🏽🎉

Today was Day 19.

Progress > Perfection. 💖

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