Can Watermelon Simply Count As Water?

Today’s post is going to have to be short and sweet, you guys.

As much as I would like to say that I’m in a hurry due to having super important stuff to do (even though I technically do have a to-do list as long as the Wall of China…), I can’t.

However, the Housewives of New York comes on at 9 tonight.

Long story short, I refuse to miss it.


Time crunch aside, let’s get into what I’ve been up to today.

Today’s Workout: 1 hour. Cardio, glutes, hips, legs. Rowing machine and body weight.

Most days, I wake up having no clue what I am going to work on. Sometimes I’m literally dressed to workout, having to mentally scramble around trying to figure out what kind of exercise I should do.

Of course, today was the same ole’, same ole’. After putzing around for awhile, I decided to come up with my own workout routine today. I knew I hadn’t specifically focused on my legs since last week, so that seemed to be the most logical pick of the day.

Besides, summer is coming. If I put in the work now, I can be spending my birthday looking like:


Today’s workout was really, really good. Even though I was improvising as I went along, it ended up being an excellent combination of exercises. It had plenty of variety to prevent me from getting bored, and I didn’t have to jump around like a kangaroo. All the same, it got my heart rate all the way up.

The workout was broken down as follows (though not in order):

  • Rowing (10 mins)
  • Traditional squats (100)
  • Closed leg squats (50)
  • Hip circles (20, in each direction)
  • Twerking – 1 min ( yes, this counts as exercise lol)
  • Bellydancing hip lifts (2 sets of 25, per leg)
  • Bellydancing hip drops (2 sets of 25, per leg)
  • Deep static squats (3 sets of 30 secs)
  • Lying side leg lifts (2 sets of 25, per leg)
  • Donkey kicks (2 sets of 25, per leg)
  • Prone leg curls (2 sets of 25)
  • Pliésin 2nd position. (2 sets of 25)
  • Pulsing pliés in 2nd position. (2 sets of 25)

Now, I don’t know what it was about this workout, but my body was burning the entire time. I was sweating bullets like never before, which really surprised me because none of these exercises were new to me. However, I will say that I was really giving it my all today.

Thanks to getting some super, duper, unbelievably good news right before my workout session (to cancel out the crap news I got yesterday), having some coffee in the morning, and waiting until 2 pm to workout, I had so much oomph and energy. I was plowing through those reps like I was a woman on a mission.

If I had to pick the hardest parts of today’s workout, it would have to be… the donkey kicks and lying side lifts.

The donkey kicks weren’t actually hard due to the movement itself, but due to the pressure they put on my wrists. I pretty much grew up with a computer keyboard attached to my fingers (lol), so I’ve had wrist pain since people were getting AOL disks in the mail. 😂 Even still, I sort of had to grin and bare it because I know how well they work.

Then there were the leg lifts. Good grief!

As much as I was trying to channel my inner Lizzo/1980s leotard wearing aerobics girl, I could NOT get over how bad my legs and hips were hurting by the time I did these.

The prior exercises had completely fatigued my muscles, so it took me 4x as long to get through the end of my workout. I mean, I was literally having to stop in the middle of sets to slap my muscles… as though that was going to help them perk back up lol!

One hour later, I was clinging to the floor for dear life, wondering if my legs would actually function once I had the energy to stand back up. Luckily, they did. By the time I finished my workout, showered, and caught up with some emails, I was ready to break my fast for the day.

Well… sort of.

You see, the problem all started when I remembered that I had to cut the watermelon that had been sitting on the counter for the last few days. By the time I went to cut it this morning, I was already really, really, really hungry. I don’t even know why I was so hungry, but my stomach was growling like a rabid bear running through the woods.

Of course, when I cut into the ruby red flesh of the melon, it looked so juicy and sweet. With every scoop of the melon baller, my mouth watered at the sight.

The more I filled the bowls, the more I got to thinking about how hungry I was. But I had sooo long to go until 4 pm!

And then I remembered…

…watermelon is mostly water. I could have water… right??

Well, for all intents and purposes, watermelon will have to count as water today because I accidentally popped a few leftover watermelon shavings into my mouth.

I had been right all along: It was DELICIOUS!

Fortunately, I was able to stop myself from making an entire meal of the scraps, but you had best believe that it was the first thing I reached for when 4 came around. Well, it was actually 5 by the time I decided to eat, but you know what I mean!

Anyhow, that wraps up the day! I may have some more melon before I restart my fasting period, but overall, I’d say that today was a grand success across the board. 10/10. 💁🏽‍♀️

New York housewives, here I come! 🗽📺 🙌

Today was Day 17.

Watermelon: arguably more water than melon 🤔 🍉 =💧💧💧

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