Absolutely Not My Favorite Workout

Today’s workout was, by far, my least favorite. I knew I couldn’t keep avoiding it though.

I shudder to think how I’ll feel tomorrow. 😦

Today’s Workout: 30 minutes. Abs, lower back, and waist. Body weight and 3 lb dumbbells.

First, I’d like to start off by saying that I don’t even recall the last time I specifically focused on abs during a workout. A year? Maybe even more?! The reason for behind this long “vacation” is that:


This is some pretty strong language, I know, but it’s 100% true. I don’t run around hating things for fun, so for me to say I legitimately loathe abdominal workouts is serious, serious business. 

But then again, does anyone praise the day that ab exercises were invented? There are probably a few folks out there who can’t sleep the night before ab day, but this girl isn’t one of them! 


As unpleasant as the morning was, I’m at least grateful for one thing: I didn’t have to get on the floor once. 

The predominant reason for my dislike of ab exercises is that many of them require getting down on the floor, which I greatly prefer not to do. My back and neck fail to agree with most floor exercises, so I try my best to find standing alternatives whenever possible (Hello, wall push-ups!) 

Performance-wise, I would give myself a 6.5/10 on the abs portion of my workout. Even though my stomach area is my number one most despised body part, I still couldn’t get all the way into it. 

For one, I was feeling quite stressed from some bad news I received last night, so my mind was fixated on that more than what I needed to actually focus on in the moment.

I gave it my best, but I know I could have pushed myself harder had my mind not been so distracted. 

Secondly, my energy was just so-so this morning due to not sleeping well (thanks, aforementioned bad news).

*Sigh* 😣

Working on my lower back and waist is one of my favorite things to do (but I honestly think it’s a tie between that, glutes, and legs). My form and energy was much better for that leg of my workout, but I was still terribly distracted and anxious. 

Even though I had planned for at least an hour, dizziness and nausea cut my workout thirty minutes short today. One of the exercises had me virtually hanging upside down like a sloth, which unfortunately disagreed with my stomach and sense of equilibrium. 🤢

Oh well. Better luck next time. Besides, some activity is better than nothing at all. I’ll just have to remember to avoid that particular exercise in the future. 

Once again, I have failed to eat prior to 4 pm (it is now nearly 7 pm), so perhaps this should just be a thing for the next two weeks. My appetite has been missing in action lately, for reasons I cannot determine. Normally, meddling around with weights leaves me famished, yet that fails to be the case this time around. 🤔

For the past two days, a genuine desire to eat has not manifested until about 4-4:30, and even then, I haven’t felt the need to rush to find food. I do feel slightly weak today, but I think that has more to do with my workout and a lack of caffeine than food itself. 

I’ve tried intermittent fasting in the past, but I actually don’t remember what the results were. Perhaps this is due to how I’ve spent most of my life eating. 


Despite liking breakfast foods such as cereal or eggs, I’ve historically had an issue eating in the hours after waking up. Eating or drinking before ten or eleven in the morning has always made me feel a bit sick to my stomach—I have no idea why. Ah… speaking of this, perhaps drinking water during this morning’s workout session is what made me feel sick today.

Anyway, in the past, I have often gone most of the day without eating. Then, when I got home from work or school, I’d have dinner and maybe a snack. Sometimes I did it because I was purposefully trying to cut calories, and sometimes I did it because I found it inconvenient to eat during the day. But for whatever reason I did it, I sure wasn’t calling it intermittent fasting! 

I’m not even sure when “intermittent fasting” became an actual thing, but I first learned what I’d been doing had a name about three or four years ago. Since then, I have wondered if intermittent fasting would even work for me, seeing as my body is probably used to being subjected to weird eating schedules already.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try it out again, but go a bit longer than I would have in the past.

My plan for the next two weeks: No set calorie limit (even though I will still count calories in my head to make sure I’m not straying too far from the 1,300), plus a daily fast from 9 pm to 4 pm Monday through Friday. (I may have to allow liquids during the fasting period just in case I’m feeling faint after a workout, but all solid foods will be off-limits.)

As for weekends, I won’t worry about those for now. I typically reserve eating out for the weekend, but I rarely eat more than once a day on Saturdays and Sundays anyway. 

Well, that’s it for today’s update! As I sit here, I definitely feel my body responding to the changes I’ve made this week, which is crazy—it’s only the second day! All the same, I know there has to be some serious fat burning going on today considering I haven’t eaten in twenty-four hours!

I’m surprised my stomach isn’t looting, setting stuff on fire, and rebelling in the streets… 😂

Til tomorrow!

Today was Day 16.

Sacrifice now to savor later. 🏋🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️

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