“Weight”-ing To See A Change

I didn’t work out at all this weekend. It was great.

While it wasn’t very fun feeling as unwell as I did, my body got the opportunity to rest and fully recover.

And although I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as I should have, I passed my weekend spending priceless time with my wonderful family. So no workout aside, my weekend was still a blessing.

And then Monday came. 

With my asthma issues all cleared up and my muscles reinvigorated, I knew today was the day to get back to work.

I miss the weekend already! 😂

All jokes aside, I’ve now crossed into the third (but technically fourth) week of my weight loss journey, so it is time to seriously evaluate my current progress and determine what changes need to be made. Even though I have decided against using the scale at this time, my best judge of success (or failure) over the last few weeks has been the way I look and feel. 

From paying attention to how I look in the mirror and noticing the fit of my clothing to making note of my energy levels, I spent these first two weeks feeling fatter than ever.

My clothes didn’t feel any looser and my waistline didn’t appear any smaller. If changes were occurring, I sure wasn’t seeing any!

As nice as it would be to drop a dress size after two or three weeks of work, I obviously never expected to see a tremendous change overnight. However, I had expected to perceive at least a slight improvement—however small—long before now. This was especially true taking into account the progress that has been made in the past.

For the last three weeks, I have stuck to a 1,300 calorie day, six days a week, with one cheat day each week. For the past two weeks, I have had 40 to 90 minute (moderate to high intensity) workouts about 4 to 6 days a week. 

Overall, I didn’t end up finding this arrangement to be nearly as difficult as I had originally anticipated. Even though it had been a few months since last working out on a consistent basis, I did my best to pick challenging workouts that targeted my weaknesses. All the same, I still didn’t see a change in my body as expected.

I think I have good news though!

After my short break this weekend, I am finally sensing the change I’ve been looking for—15 days in. Today, I feel much lighter, and my clothes feel slightly more loose (even though I still cringe when I look in the mirror). It may not be groundbreaking, but I’ll take it.

*Victory Dances*

At any rate, I think it may be time to tweak a few things, switch my routine up, and experiment with how I’ve been doing things. When I started this journey, I was adamant about trying different foods, methods, and workouts until I found the most efficient combination for me.

In the past, I have stuck with things that weren’t yielding the results I desired for far too long. Therefore, it’s important that I hit up the drawing board and change my strategy as quickly and as often as possible if things aren’t meeting my expectations. Besides, a little variety never hurt anyone.

Throughout the rest of this week I will be making changes to my current routine (so definitely stay tuned, if interested). However, the main change I want to discuss today pertains to my workouts.

It has been brought to my attention that I have not been weight training enough. In fact, it’s nearly been a year since I last lifted weights on a regular basis. I do believe my tendency to over-rely on cardio has been a major mistake. 

Not only have I gotten uncharacteristically “squishy” over the last year, but I have noticed that certain muscles are weaker than ever before. Some have even straight up vanished!

And even though I have been poking at my arms (and other body parts) in horrified disbelief for at least five months now, it somehow never occurred to me that I desperately needed to pick those weights back up.

You may be wondering why I stopped weight training in the first place. 

For one thing, I build muscle ridiculously well and tend to develop a more “athletic” shape when I use weights regularly. For years, I would tend to gravitate towards weights due to liking them more than cardio, but I never really liked how they made my body look.

Even now, I want a very lean, but delicately toned physique–not a bunch of bulk. However, I don’t know how to lift weights and still achieve this look.

I also stopped using weights as part of my workout regimen because they simply got to be boring. When it comes to pretty much anything in life, I get bored really fast. I think I used weights and avoided cardio for so long that I just needed a break from them. This, paired with the fact that I didn’t know how to use them to create the body I wanted, was the final straw. 

All of this aside, I chose today as my return back to weights. 

Today’s Workout: 1 hour. Biceps, triceps, delts. 3-lb and 10-lb weights.

Overall, I think today’s routine went pretty well. My arms are one of my “problem areas”, so it was good to give them some attention. While working on biceps has never been too bad, triceps and delts are complete torture for me due to typically avoiding these two muscle groups like the plague.

I did the best I could considering how pathetically out of practice I am. There was lots of grimacing and a wide assortment of involuntary squeals, BUT at least I didn’t end my workout like this guy:

In an attempt to maintain good form at all costs, I spent more time with my three pound weights than I wanted to. My shoulders are weak and routinely problematic, so I knew the ten pound weights weren’t the best idea just yet. I really should have used five or seven pound dumbbells instead of three, but I don’t own any. This might be a good time to invest in some though.

That’s pretty much all there is to report for now! I fasted until 4pm today, so this should be a fairly low calorie day.

Til tomorrow, guys! 

Today was Day 15.

Don’t wish for it, work for it. 🌟💪🏽

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