Life As A Tumbleweed

All of my life I have felt out of place, never particularly fitting in with any one crowd and always doing my own thing.

And while I’ve always wished to understand why I felt like such an outcast, it never quite made sense until today.

I… am a tumbleweed.

Round, peculiar, and dry.

Like, really dry.


Okay, so maybe I’m being super dramatic and ridiculous today, but the part about being dry is totally true. I am as dehydrated as a raisin in the sun, you guys. Even as I sit here guzzling water, my mouth continues to feel like its full of cotton balls.

A couple weeks back, I started to notice that I was going days at a time without drinking more than a glass or two of water.

While I may not be a health expert extraordinaire, I do know enough about our anatomy to understand that we need an abundance of water on a daily basis just to keep our organs running in top condition.

So in an effort to help prevent my brain, heart, and lungs from turning into dried wasabi peas, I vehemently vowed to “drink more water”. But do you know what I actually ended up doing? Instead of drinking clean, plain water like a normal, sane person, I started having 2-3 coffees a day, every. single. day.


You may as well have called me Seabiscuit because I was running like a racehorse to the bathroom day and night thanks to all that caffeine! So much for those “8 glasses of water a day” I was supposed to have. 🙄

And as you may have guessed, those iced coffees and lattes made me even more dehydrated than I was before (and probably fatter as well). Even as I began to notice how dry my mouth was getting during workouts, it somehow never occurred to me that my body was in desperate need of water.

I don’t even understand why I stopped drinking water in the first place. It isn’t as though I dislike the way it tastes or something; I actually love it.

However, my water consumption is now down to a meager 16 ounce bottle a day… if that! The worst part about that is that I’ve spent the last week or two “making an effort” to drink more. Pfft! Meanwhile, I’m running around here looking like:

Tsk tsk… pathetic.

Anyhow, I spent quite a bit of time this morning thinking about my weight loss journey thus far.

Despite low-key wanting to instantly jump on the “None of this is working, I should quit and go have a donut” train, I was determined to sit down and really think about what I could do better over the next few weeks.

One of the main things I would like to prioritize is my water consumption because it’s nowhere near enough.

If you head to any reputable resource that discusses the top things people do that can completely derail their weight loss and cause them to lose less weight, nine times out of ten you can guarantee that “not drinking enough water” is going to make the list.

In addition to this, there are countless people I know of who have shared their own weight loss stories. From losing five pounds to losing over a hundred, there is one thing nearly everyone has mentioned as being a critical contribution to their long-term success: drinking lots of water.

This information is highly problematic for me because A.) I know I’m as dry as the Sahara and B.) I genuinely expected to see a noticeable change in my body by now.

When I compare what I’ve eaten and how active I’ve been in the recent past to what I’ve been doing over the last three weeks, I can confidently say that I’m working way harder to lose weight this time around. So when I look in the mirror and feel that I haven’t changed a single bit, it is extremely frustrating because I know I’ve seen faster improvement doing far less.

Upon contemplating this strange dilemma, I started thinking about how my water consumption is the main difference between now and the last time I lost a few pounds (last fall).

So since I know this is an area that I’ve seriously been slacking in, my goal for the next week is to drink at least four glasses a day. Once I am consistent with the four glasses, I will then aim for eight.

I’m not even going to lie. In the back of my head I’m thinking, “Omigosh. How am I ever going to drink four glasses of water a day? I can’t drink that much!”

😒 Oh. Is that so?

Well, then how is it that when it comes to coffee, tea, soda, juice, and just about anything other than plain water, I’m suddenly like:

Come on, self. You’ve got to do better!

Therefore, I will start my new water challenge first thing tomorrow. If I can get to eight glasses a day right away, great. However, if I am only able to get to four glasses, that will be amazing.

And I’m sure my body will really appreciate it. 🙂

Today was Day 13

🌊”You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”💧 Rabindranath Tagore

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2 thoughts on “Life As A Tumbleweed

  1. I am in the same boat recently. When I worked I had a 1 liter Nalgene bottle that I would fill at least twice sometimes three or four times a day and just sip on all day long. It was perfect. Now as a stay at home mom running around all day it’s so hard to keep track of a water bottle let alone drink from it! Lol.

    I have two tricks for days when I really need to hydrate. One is not really a trick, just sugar free Gatorade. The second is sometimes in the morning I’ll take out six 16oz water bottles and write times on the caps, generally every two hours, and that’s the time I have to finish that bottle by. If I’m not done in time I chug it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! I had to laugh when I read about you having trouble keeping up with your water bottles because I have the complete opposite problem. Each time I go in the kitchen I take a water bottle from the fridge and bring it to my desk, thinking having it nearby will encourage me to drink it. Nope! I end up leaving it behind or moving it to the bedside table, only to have them start piling up wherever I put them. Yesterday, I had five unopened bottles sitting all in a row, so I had to start drinking them this morning. 😂 I really like the idea of writing times on the lids though. I might try that!

      Liked by 1 person

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