Hurray For Cheat Day

It’s Friday.

And do you know what that means?


Gosh, I feel like a kid on their first day of summer vacation. 😝

But before I get into how I decided to spend my first official cheat day, let’s do a quick recap of yesterday.

Since it was a rest day yesterday, I figured I should be even more careful about my food choices. Even though I knew I wouldn’t go over the 1,300 calories, it had been a goal of mine to try to go even lower. And had it not been for wanting a cup of cocoa before bed I would have had so many calories left to spare. Oh well.

Once again, I had my same old grilled chicken breast tacos, but I skipped the salad. It seemed like a better idea to just pile a ton of lettuce on top of the tacos instead of feeling compelled to dump all of that high calorie dressing atop my salad like I usually do. Overall, I felt far less hungry as I went through the day, which was a major plus.

On to what took place today…

Today’s Workout: An emergency rest day. (Boo!)

Unfortunately, I had to take a second day off from working out. I hadn’t intended to have another rest day until Sunday or Monday, but when I woke up this morning I was as stiff as a board. Despite yesterday’s lengthy massage session, my hamstrings were beyond problematic.

To be honest, muscle pain is typically the number one cause of an unscheduled rest day for me–especially when I’m getting back into regular workouts. It’s totally my own fault though; I always “forget” to stretch. If I would simply take the extra time out to stretch while the muscles are properly warmed up, I wouldn’t have to deal with the headache of trying to recuperate for days on end.

Even as the day draws to a close I feel tempted to try to fit a little something in, even if it’s only ten to fifteen minutes. However, I know from experience that nothing good ever comes from failing to listen to my body. If I wait until tomorrow I will be so much better off.

Besides, there’s this new workout I found online the other day that I’m excited to try out, so that’s probably what I will do tomorrow. It’s one of those “walk at home” type of workouts and since I still haven’t been able to find my treadmill key (I will have to see if NordicTrack sells replacements), this might be a good alternative in the meantime. It’s about an hour long, which is perfect, plus it’s more than just walking in place. Hopefully, I end up liking it. If I do, I’ll be sharing it with you guys for sure.

I wasn’t very hungry today. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was due to me having so many things on my mind. After having a homemade iced coffee in the morning (I no longer allow myself to drink these on normal days–too many calories), I was perfectly content until about 3 or 4 o’clock. But even as I was cooking, I didn’t have much of an appetite as would be expected by that time.

Having grilled chicken readily available all this week completely spoiled me. It had become so automatic to simply reach for it to make my customary tacos and salad. No longer did I have to worry about what to eat or run around with calculators and measuring cups, trying to figure out how many calories it contained.

This being said, I was downright mortified when I went into the fridge this afternoon and saw that I barely had any chicken left! I would have been lucky to get a single taco out of what remained. So, this was yet another instance where I completely failed to plan and nearly freaked out because of it.

For someone who frequently forgets to plan their meals out ahead of time, I really don’t like having to come up with meals on the fly. But despite not liking to do it, I’m super fortunate to be skilled at turning nothing into a whole lot of something.

(Sorry for the poor photo quality–my camera wasn’t handy)

Somehow, someway I was able to repurpose the few bits of leftover chicken thanks to some angel hair pasta, kale, red pepper, asparagus and herbs. Although I wasn’t thrilled to use even a sliver of butter, my current lack of olive oil left me no choice. The pasta was just a bit dry without any kind of actual sauce, so even though I’ve been avoiding butter lately, I just went ahead and used it. At least it was unsalted.

I hadn’t had pasta in a really long time, so this was the most sensational treat. It’s a shame it can’t be made more often (pesky carbs!) because it was just as easy to make as it was delicious. Although I do wish it had involved a bit more kale, I absolutely loved this dish. 😍🍽

There was a bit extra left over, but instead of going overboard and landing myself in a carb coma (as I happily would have in the past), I stowed it away for another day. Perhaps I’ll have it on Sunday (even though I have NO idea how many calories it contains).

After dinner, I felt a bit like having something cake-like (as though the pasta wasn’t bad enough). Thank goodness for not actually having cake mix or the like lying about. Of course, this didn’t stop me from finding a few bits and bobs to play around with. The only problem is: I am NOT a great baker.

When it comes to cooking, grilling, etc., anyone will tell you that I am pretty creative. Cooking is so much fun for me. In fact, I would totally love to open a restaurant. But when it comes to baking… I’m a bit impaired 😂. Don’t get me wrong though– I can follow a recipe perfectly. It’s the improvisational baking that gets me into trouble.

Whereas using a stove or grill comes natural to me, the oven and I often do NOT get along. However, I have been practicing a lot lately, so I’m getting better and better at determining the right measurements off the top of my head. No one will croak if I hand them a muffin I’ve dreamed up.

At least, no one has thus far lol.

This looks about right… 🍰🙅🏽‍♀️

The real problem with baking isn’t so much about the food itself, but the awful mess I make while trying to put everything together. The kitchen usually ends up looking like a toddler got into the flour. That stuff gets everywhere! I don’t even know how! Before you know it, I’ve got flour in places I didn’t even know I had. It’s a right kerfuffle.

Naturally, today was no exception. 😩

But after a thorough cleaning up, I was able to miraculously produce some kind of strange scone/biscuit… things. They weren’t even gross. (lol)

Caramel… 🤤

It’s amazing that these baked up properly at all because I wasn’t even sure what I was trying to achieve. I wanted something slightly sweet, but chewy, which they were. Their texture was quite dense (I nearly gagged twice–lol), but they were incredibly moist and rich at the same time. The caramel drizzle made them taste quite nice; these would be lovely with some coffee.

Truth be told, they look a lot more naughty than they actually are. Even so, I was happy to munch on two of them before saving two more for another time. I ended up sharing the rest of the batch (my “test guinea pig” enjoyed them as well), so there’s no danger of me helping myself to a few more.

Well, that’s what I had today. My cheat day wasn’t very wild, was it? I hadn’t particularly expected it to be (I would have been happy with my same old tacos), but I’m definitely not complaining.

Outside of today’s hankering for carbs, cravings have been negligible so far; I’m loving every moment of it. Hopefully, it stays that way!

Today was Day 5.

#BanFlour 👩‍🍳

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Featured Photo Credit: Tookapic via Pexels

Food Photos: C.M. (2019)

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